My Homie has a lot of crystals and an infection.  The vet did a cystocentesis 
on her today in addition to urinalysis and sent a sample in for cultures and 
sens (aerobic and anaerobic) so we can find out which antibiotic will stop the 
bacteria infection.  Iam also starting her on Hills s/d which he said would 
help disolve the crystals.  I have been giving her a cranberry paste but he 
said that would clear out a lot of the "junk" in her bladder, but not do enough 
to disolve the crystals.  Plus, we spend at least 20 minutes running arond the 
house every time I get it out.  I swear she smells it because even tho she is 
not in the room when I get it out, she starts ducking and dodging to avod me.  
I feel like a cutting horse trying to out guess her and figure which way she is 
going to go next.  Thisis her 3rd time this year with this.  
???? Anyone know of wholistic helps for this situation?  I tought of vitamin C 
since it is acidic and might disolve them some.  

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