Forgive me as I have missed the beginning of this email thread.  With
respect to urinary crystals diet is huge.  Every cat that has ever
been brought to me with crystals has responded to diet with complete
eradication of crystals (make sure you know what type of crystals
you're dealing though).  Raw diet is the key.  If you can't do raw,
the high quality canned foods like Fromm, Go, Wellness work quite
well.  You can still do some dry but it has to be the good stuff -
Orijen or Fromm would be my recommendation.  I always add some
cranberry to it if they'll take it just to avoid UTIs.  It takes about
four weeks if the crystals are bad and in the meantime you have to
make sure they do not become obstructed (that often takes vet strength
food or catheter or suprapubic taps.

Hope this helps.


On 12/8/11, <> wrote:
> In the course of conversation with Karen today, I mentoned that Hojey had
> crystas.  She said her cat had same problem and a group "Catwell" on yahoo
> had helped her.  They suggested Cantharis.  You can get it at health food
> stoes.  Her cat had been gven a death sentence and now is alive and healthy.
>  Anybody knw anyting about this?
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