My vt just called with the culture report and they found no bacteria.  Did a 
culture for all of them.  Sort of good news/bad news.  He has an artcle and 
when finished reading it, will copy for me.  She may have Pandora's syndrome or 
1 of several other problems.  We don't think it i this syndrome as se has a 
fairly "enriched" life.  The whole house to roam, toys, 7 boxes, 8 beds to pick 
from + my bed and lap.  When it is not raining, snowng or I am at home, she 
gets to go out and hunt or just lie in the sun on the deck( 53'x 8').  Toys all 
over the house, not to mention the other cats to case and play with.  So now we 
are stating to look for other reasons the crystals keep coming back.  I have 
statd adding vinegar to their drinking water and sice we like oranges and 
grapefruit, let her have a bit when I have mine in the morning.  We are all on 
Hill's SD (1 can + 2 cns hot water).  Then I spoon some into all bowls.  They 
drink the liquid first and laer g back and eat the meat.  Trying to fin 
alternative to SD.  Petsmart has Royal Canin so will try it next.  Rigt now, t 
is cold, cloudy and I still haven't been abe to fix the garage door so won't be 
oing out for anything today.  Please excuse the erros, Dee is helping me.  She 
likes to stand on the desk and swish her tail back and forth.  Ever try to see 
over a cat?  Also have to wash all 8 bs as Homey pees in them during these 
bouts with the crystals.  Have to spray with Natur's Miracle and let it sok for 
a couple of hours nd then wash.  Can only get 2 in washer at a time so will be 
4 loads and I still won't have my clothes washed.

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