Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome.  I look forward to learning from all 
of you.  Holly

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I would highly recommend adding CoQ10 to their food, keeps their gums, heart, 
etc healthy.  Gums and teeth are impacted greatly by immuno depressive viruses. 
GNC has the vegetarian formula that is powder in capsules, open capsule and 
sprinkle/mix into food (tasteless!). Use between 30-50 mg daily. I have been 
using CoQ10 for years, and have dealt mostly with FIV+ cats, and only a few 
FeLV+ cats…it kept them in great shape for a long time.l Natalie

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So sorry about Daisy. I had a brother & sister FeLV positive. I lost the sister 
about a  year ago to lymphoma, but the brother is doing well, so every cat is 
different in how they react to this virus. 

I don't do anything special except feed them well. They get Blue Buffalo dry 
food. You can give interferon as a preventative.L-Lysine can be sprinkled on 
their food. My feeling is if it doesn't stress them out to give them a 
supplement then do it. But if you have to chase them down to give them 
something, you are stressing them out & doing more harm than good. 

I don't go through any heroic measures. The one time I did that it broke my 
heart because I put the cat through so much needless pain at the end. That 
being said, some people here do, & it works out. It is a personal choice.


BTW this is Feline Leukemia (FeLV) not Leukemia. They are totally different. I 
had a friend with a cat who had Leukemia.




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Hi. Not exactly sure with Daisy as it all happened so quickly. The vet ran what 
I assume was the ELISA, as she was dying. He did not do the IFA.   I am 
interested in seeing how I can make Oliver's life as full of a life as it can 
be.  I was told that he has leukemia. I can confirm that with the vet when we 
go over treatment tomorrow.

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There is a difference between leukemia and Feline Leukemia Virus; which did 
Daisy have? I’ve had cats with either one. 


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