Sorry, I didn't see your email until today. Yes, most of the cats are local and 
can be handled, all except for two who are feral. I have great cat appeal - 
most cats warm up to me after a few feedings. 
I'm talking about antibiotics that are presecribed due to the hack/sneeze that 
the cats seems to develop just before serious complications in respiratory 
systems arise. Once the fluid has gotten to their lungs, there are various 
treatments (such as diuretics) that can pull the fluid out, but diuretics cause 
the elimination of good fluids that the sick cats need. Steroids allow the cats 
to reabsorb the fluids so that they do not become dehydrated. In this case the 
antibiotics work double-time; they prevent new infections and treat underlying 
ones at the same time. 

The triple coctail refers to treatments similar to what AIDS patients get. As 
far as I know very few cats have gotten this treatment (I'd have to look up the 
consituents - it's crazy stuff) but it works in humans and has worked in cats 

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  The vet has to take a blood test in order to know that the cat is either FIV 
or FeLV positive.  Antibiotics should be used only if the cat exhibits any 
symptoms that require them; I have never had steroids used on a FeLV positive 
cat, and by triple cocktail, what do you mean?  Our vet calls his Vitamin C, 
B12 etc. shots "cocktails".  Are you talking about feral cats in a colony or 
cats that you can handle?

  I have been doing cats rescue in CT for almost 20 years.



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  Hi there all, just wanted to introduce myself and start some dialog 
concerning my cat community. I live out East on Long Island and my town is 
affected greatly by FIV and FELV cats. 


  I have been a rescuer for 20 years and never seen outbreaks so fearsome. For 
over 15 years I never had FELV cats (a couple of FIV positives, but never 


  Within the last year I've seen 6 of my cats come down with symptoms resulting 
in their deaths. Two were middle aged and one was a breeding female who lost 
the battle with FELV after being stressed by litters. Most of her brood has 
passed away and I now have four left, 2 from 2 different litters. It's 
heartbreaking to see them become symptomatic,and I recently lost my favorite in 
very bad circumstances. 


  What I'm writing about is how to get a vet who knows that cat is FELV to help 
follow through with antibiotics, steroids, and a triple coctail. No one wants 
to try steroids as they fear the problems with the liver, but the cats die 
without them. How can I convince my vet to offer the steroids that they need to 
absorb the fluids once they start coughing? My last vet left me alone and at my 
wits end with just antibiotics and an IV D5W. Poor kitty died in the middle of 
the night due to fluid buildup. 


  It seems to me that the vets out here just don't want to treat FELV cats 
because they consider it a poor outcome no matter what. 


  Your thoughts? 






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