One of our rescues tested positive at the time he was neutered. The vet went 
ahead and did the surgery. That was about a year ago. He was adopted in 
September and was fine at that time - and still is as of the last update I 

I'm not saying that neutering couldn't trigger a problem, but in our case, it 
didn't seem to.

Good luck.
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  Sorry to say, but I had my kitten neutered at 6 mos. of age (at the time we 
did not know he was positive because he actually tested neg for it when he was 
much younger). He died at 9 mos of severe anemia & other complications due to 
being FeLV positive.  I don't know if getting him neutered triggered this but 
now I'm wondering since you've mentioned this.  Has anyone else heard of this?
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    I still have Mitt, the kitten I found in October who tested positive. He 
seems to be
    healthy at this time and  around 7-8 months old. I am thinking I should 
have him
    neutered but the local humane society refused to do surgery on a positive 
    claiming surgery could trigger an immune system problem. Has anyone neutered
    their positive cat after finding out it was positive and what was your 
    Thanks for any input. PS: Someone asked my in a prior posting why the vet 
    vaccinations before getting blood work results that showed positive. She 
sent the 
    blookwork to an outside lad since she said it would be less costly and that 
same visit
    when blood was drawn, she went ahead and did vaccinations.


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