My vet uses very small amount of anesthesia for males, it only takes 10-15
minutes, and they're up and about almost immediately.  However, we always
give cats to be altered some vitamin shots prior to surgery - Vitamin C,
B12.  As long as they are asymptomatic, well-fed and rested, no stress -
altering males and females is not a problem. Yes, I have had both FeLV and
FIV positive cats altered over the years and never had a problem.


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Females can be spayed via laser which is a lot less traumatic.  I don't know
about males.  Personally I would want a private vet who experienced in FeL+

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I have. Have not seen any problem from it, but I do think it could trigger
an upper respiratory infection or other problems like any stressful event.
The thing is, remaining unneutered is a big source of stress, much bigger in
my opinion than the surgery. Keeping an intact male from roaming or mating
will result much restlessness and anxiety on his part. Unneutered cats
generally have trouble keeping weight on and are less healthy, because so
much energy goes into the reproductive system and behavior. Neutered cats
are much calmer and healthier. For this reason, I would get him neutered. I
have never seen a vet refuse to neuter a positive cat. Even the low-cost
clinic we use does it. 




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I still have Mitt, the kitten I found in October who tested positive. He
seems to be

healthy at this time and  around 7-8 months old. I am thinking I should have

neutered but the local humane society refused to do surgery on a positive

claiming surgery could trigger an immune system problem. Has anyone neutered

their positive cat after finding out it was positive and what was your

Thanks for any input. PS: Someone asked my in a prior posting why the vet

vaccinations before getting blood work results that showed positive. She
sent the 

blookwork to an outside lad since she said it would be less costly and that
same visit

when blood was drawn, she went ahead and did vaccinations.


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