I rescue cats and I've have had many FelV positive cats neutered or
spayed.  If they are healthy at the time they come thru the surgery
just fine regardless of their FelV status.

On 01-02, dppl dppl wrote: I still have Mitt, the kitten I found in
>    October who tested positive. He seems to be healthy at this time
>    and around 7-8 months old. I am thinking I should have him
>    neutered but the local humane society refused to do surgery on a
>    positive cat, claiming surgery could trigger an immune system
>    problem. Has anyone neutered their positive cat after finding
>    out it was positive and what was your experience? Thanks for any
>    input. PS: Someone asked my in a prior posting why the vet give
>    vaccinations before getting blood work results that showed
>    positive. She sent the blookwork to an outside lad since she
>    said it would be less costly and that same visit when blood was
>    drawn, she went ahead and did vaccinations.

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