Stress definitely plays a role!  


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I would recommend to run a blood work to make sure that everything looks
good before the surgery - especially CBC portion as sometimes their WBC/RBC
might be a little off -
I don't know if it's conincidence or not - I do believe that stress sort of
triggered the disease - my completely healthy cat Tsubomi died about a month
after the surgery - I think she had lymphoma - but we did not even think of
it as she was completely healthy - I was devastated.

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> I rescue cats and I've have had many FelV positive cats neutered or
> spayed. If they are healthy at the time they come thru the surgery
> just fine regardless of their FelV status.
> Lorrie
> On 01-02, dppl dppl wrote: I still have Mitt, the kitten I found in
> > October who tested positive. He seems to be healthy at this time
> > and around 7-8 months old. I am thinking I should have him
> > neutered but the local humane society refused to do surgery on a
> > positive cat, claiming surgery could trigger an immune system
> > problem. Has anyone neutered their positive cat after finding
> > out it was positive and what was your experience? Thanks for any
> > input. PS: Someone asked my in a prior posting why the vet give
> > vaccinations before getting blood work results that showed
> > positive. She sent the blookwork to an outside lad since she
> > said it would be less costly and that same visit when blood was
> > drawn, she went ahead and did vaccinations.
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