Oh, that makes sense.  Thanks for the explanation.  I had heard that the one 
year and the three year shots were the same but I didn't understand why the 
shots were a different price and the vets talk like it's a different shot.

I might start asking for the Purevax without the adjuvant for my cats.  I 
didn't really know there was an option so that's also helpful information.

“I am not interested to know whether vivisection produces results that are 
profitable to the human race or doesn’t….the pain which it inflicts upon 
unconsenting animals is the basis of my enmity toward it, and it is to me 
sufficient justification of the enmity without looking further.” – Mark Twain

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 the 1 year and 3 year shots are the same shot. the recommendations just 
require a booster 1 year after the first shot, so the first time it's calle 1 
year and thereafter 3 year.

there is a less common brand called purevax that is only approved for every 
year versus every 3 years. it's only if you get that one that it's different 
than a 3 year. i get that for my cats because it does not have the adjuvant 
that can cause tumors. But I avoided vaccinating my positives entirely. They 
had one rabies and initial distemper when they came to me and i left it at 
that. when i moved and had to license i got a vet exemption letter due to 




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I think I might have mentioned it to you guys before but in case I didn't, 
studies have shown that the normal 1 year rabies vaccinations will provide 
immunity for at least 4 years.  Interesting huh?  I need to check out that 
group again to see if they've found anything else out or if it actually last 
longer than the 4 years even.  I know they were doing more research studies.

Will most vets give the 3 year one to a kitten?  Most vets I've been to 
recommend that the kittens get the 1 year vaccination and then the next year 
they get the 3 year one.  I'm sure the 3 year ones are safe for kittens I'm 
just wondering if the vets will actually let you do it.  Then again, I'll 
probably wait until she's about 8 months old (if I still have her) so she won't 
really be a kitten anymore so it may not matter.

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