My vet reccommends evey year, but my guys go outside andbecause I live in th 
woods, are exposed to raccoon, possum, mice, fox and othes that can pass 
rabbies on.  I am in a quandry, sort of dmned if I do and i I don't.
---- Lorrie <> wrote: 
> I'm sure the vets make more money by first giving a 1 year vac.
> and then giving the 3 year vac a year later.
> On 01-04, Maureen Olvey wrote:
> >    I  think  I  might  have mentioned it to you guys before but in case I
> >    didn't,  studies have shown that the normal 1 year rabies vaccinations
> >    will  provide immunity for at least 4 years.  Interesting huh?  I need
> >    to  check  out  that group again to see if they've found anything else
> >    out  or if it actually last longer than the 4 years even.  I know they
> >    were doing more research studies.
> >    Will  most  vets give the 3 year one to a kitten?  Most vets I've been
> >    to  recommend that the kittens get the 1 year vaccination and then the
> >    next  year they get the 3 year one.  
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