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Treatment for feline leukemia virus 
Feline leukemia virus is a retrovirus of cats 
that can cause cancer, anemia and immunosuppression. Currently, no effective 
treatment for FeLV infection exists. These researchers investigated the 
usefulness of an anti-retroviral drug called raltegrevir that was developed for 
treatment of HIV in humans. The researchers tested the drug in a laboratory 
setting for potential toxicity to feline cells, as well as the ability to 
inhibit the replication of FeLV in these cells. It was found that, at least in 
cell culture, this drug inhibited virus replication and did not cause toxic 
changes to the feline cells. The researchers speculate that this drug could be 
used to reduce virus replication in FeLV-infected cats to the point that their 
own immune system could eliminate the virus, effectively curing the infection. 
Many more studies are needed, but this research offers a promising first step. 
Will be something we will definitely want to follow
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