The Mid-Atlantic strain of rabies was brought to the East by hunters, after
destroying local raccoons, wanted more raccoons to kill, so they brought
them from Virginal and surrounding states.

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I just did some reading on rabies and it appears that mice and other rodents
don't carry Rabies. Raccoons foxes and bats look to be the heaviest
carriers. The East coast, for some reason is the largest region of raccoons
carrying rabies!

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> My vet reccommends evey year, but my guys go outside andbecause I live in
th woods, are exposed to raccoon, possum, mice, fox and othes that can pass
rabbies on.  I am in a quandry, sort of dmned if I do and i I don't.
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>> I'm sure the vets make more money by first giving a 1 year vac.
>> and then giving the 3 year vac a year later.
>> On 01-04, Maureen Olvey wrote:
>>>   I  think  I  might  have mentioned it to you guys before but in case I
>>>   didn't,  studies have shown that the normal 1 year rabies vaccinations
>>>   will  provide immunity for at least 4 years.  Interesting huh?  I need
>>>   to  check  out  that group again to see if they've found anything else
>>>   out  or if it actually last longer than the 4 years even.  I know they
>>>   were doing more research studies.
>>>   Will  most  vets give the 3 year one to a kitten?  Most vets I've been
>>>   to  recommend that the kittens get the 1 year vaccination and then the
>>>   next  year they get the 3 year one.  
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