Tina,  Welcome to the group. It is very sad to hear about your two
precious kittens who died so young. Their mother was probably FelV
positive, and small kittens have very little resistance to this awful
virus.  Hopefully the other two kittens will have stong enough immune
systems be okay. Have you had them tested to see if they are positive
or negative?


 On 01-09, Victory_Shout wrote:
>    I am Tina. I live in Pa. We had gotten a litter of four female kittens
>    from  a  family  whos  add we responded to in the newspaper six months
>    ago.  Their kittens needed a home and my mom who is very ill and lives
>    with  us  needed company. So, knowing that we didn't have the heart to
>    seperate   those   kittems.  We  took  them  all.  We  homeschool  our
>    four kiddos  so  these fur babies quickly became all of our babies and
>    We had  no  idea that they were suffering from feline leukemia when we
>    got them because they looked so healthy.
>    Needless to say... six months later...
>    We  laid Ollie to rest four days before Christmas and we just laid Leo
>    to  rest  two days after New Years. Ollie and Leo were golden in color
>    and  we  called  them "the golden girls" they were always together and
>    their siblings (who are still with us) are also always together. After
>    Ollies  death Leo just was not the same. She became very depressed and
>    just couldn't seem to get over the fact that her sister was gone.
>    We  laid Ollie  to rest and we put in certain items that she loved and
>    parts of things from us.
>    It  is  very cold here that when Leo passed just days later my husband
>    offered  to dig up Ollie lay Leo and her things that we had for her in
>    the  box  with  Ollie...  so  that "the  golden girls" would always be
>    together.
>    That is what we did...

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