Melinda, Welcome home!  Just in time for cold weather.  Home all goes well with 
your arrival and you find  good vet to continue VooDoo's treatments.  I 
survived lyphoma myself.  After being told I would die in 3 months, I am still 
here 8 years later.  I think a lot of their survival depends on your love and 
care for them.  They sense this.  Thank you for giving them all they need to 
get this far.

---- Melinda Kerr <> wrote: 
> Hello all,
> OK, it is official.  My family will be arriving in Charleston, SC in June.  I 
> can't wait to be back in the good, ole USA!  However, I will miss my Japanese 
> vet so much.  I am hoping someone on here knows of a good vet there.  I've 
> been given some links to look for a vet, but personal recommendations are 
> always welcome:)
> Also, I saw that there is a no kill cat shelter close by and I am anxious to 
> check it out.  For all of you in rescue, you have motivated me to be a part 
> of the solution.  I hope the shelter there is a positive place and I can be a 
> part.  I have tried to make a difference here in a very small community with 
> few strays/abandoned kitties, but am unable to have a permanent impact.
> Somehow, I have been lucky enough to be blessed with two FeLV kitties with 
> lymphoma.  Both were found as stray kittens here in Japan and both seem to be 
> fighting the disease quite well.  Fuji  (2.5years) will be ending her 
> treatments here and hopefully stay in remission.  VooDoo (1.5years)  has only 
> had three treatments and will need to continue once we get home.  I am a 
> member of a yahoo group that deals with lymphoma and the success/health of 
> these babies seems to be quite unusual.  Makes me wonder if they really have 
> lymphoma!
> For those new members, I know that my kitties are somewhat anomalies.  
> However, I hope that it gives you comfort knowing that there is always hope!
> Thanks for all the support during our time here in Japan.
> Melinda, Fuji, and VooDoo
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