Kat (by the way, such a great name for you !!).  I know it's so heartbreaking 
and you did your best. These babies need to be cared for and feel loved. That's 
what you did. Don't beat yourself up.

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  I never set out wanting to fall in love with an FeLV+ cat.  I have been a cat 
rescuer for about 7 years, now.    I've worked indie and with several 501c3's 
in San Diego.  i especially like bottle babies and socializing feral kits, and 
did this a lot for one group here, until I got a litter of four wild ones, 5 
weeks old, where 3/4 tested pos for FeLV.  On 2nd snap 2/3 of those had cleared 
it and only my Awesome Opossum remained pos.    The "no-kill" group I was 
fostering for wanted to waive the adoption fee and put her on Craigslist.  I 
adopted her, myself, to save her, and now could not imagine life without her.  
She's 20 months old now, asymptomatic and seemingly healthy as can be.  I know 
when it "happens", though, it often happens fast.

  I was brought two kits by a rescue I volunteered for,  in March, a one day 
old, Angelina Jolie,  and a one week old, Mimi.  I made a tough decision to try 
adding them both to a lactating mama who had herself lost 2/3 of her babies.  
She welcomed both...  what an odd family-with her own 3 week old kit, Kiwi.  
Mimi died of FeLV at 8 weeks old.    Mama and Kiwi, her kit, both tested neg.,  
Angelina Jolie was too young at the time to test. She looked and acted so 
healthy and vibrant until her final few days. I lost her a week ago tonight to 
FeLV.  I held my perfect miracle in my arms and tried to comfort her and let 
her know it was okay to let go...of her life.   ( I am bawling my eyes out 
right now, again.)  Tested my other 2 kits around same age (unrelated)--one 
pos, one neg.  OMG.  I am again worried for Mama, Kiwi, and my other 3 (adults) 
here.  This perfect world, such perfect angels, devastated.   All 3 teenagers 
not incl. Kiwi, had adoptions waiting, ironically.   I count my blessings my 
awesome Opossum is not sick.  

  I hate this disease!


  "I'm Kat Parker.  I park cats."   
  "Keep your kitties INSIDE, 24/7, 'cause an inside cat is a SAFE & HAPPY cat!"


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