Me too!  So fa I have been lucky with my 2, they were 1 year and 4 year when 
they tested positive and hearing of so mny passing, I count my blessings every 
day that they are both doing well.  I cry whenever my guys die of old age and I 
know it would be worse if they were kittens that never got a chnce to really 
live.  My prayers are with you.  Don't gie up on positive cats because of this. 
 I have gone thru 9 cats and 2 dogs within the last few years and have 3 
cemetaries in my flower beds.  Whenever I am outside, I say hello to all of 
them. Go ahead and cry, somehow it helps.

---- Kat Parker <> wrote: 
> *I never set out wanting to fall in love with an FeLV+ cat.  I have been a
> cat rescuer for about 7 years, now.    I've worked indie and with several
> 501c3's in San Diego.  i especially like bottle babies and socializing
> feral kits, and did this a lot for one group here, until I got a litter of
> four wild ones, 5 weeks old, where 3/4 tested pos for FeLV.  On 2nd snap
> 2/3 of those had cleared it and only my Awesome Opossum remained pos.
> The "no-kill" group I was fostering for wanted to waive the adoption fee
> and put her on Craigslist.  I adopted her, myself, to save her, and now
> could not imagine life without her.  She's 20 months old now, asymptomatic
> and seemingly healthy as can be.  I know when it "happens", though, it
> often happens fast.
> I was brought two kits by a rescue I volunteered for,  in March, a one day
> old, Angelina Jolie,  and a one week old, Mimi.  I made a tough decision to
> try adding them both to a lactating mama who had herself lost 2/3 of her
> babies.  She welcomed both...  what an odd family-with her own 3 week old
> kit, Kiwi.  Mimi died of FeLV at 8 weeks old.    Mama and Kiwi, her kit,
> both tested neg.,  Angelina Jolie was too young at the time to test. She
> looked and acted so healthy and vibrant until her final few days. I lost
> her a week ago tonight to FeLV.  I held my perfect miracle in my arms and
> tried to comfort her and let her know it was okay to let go...of her life.
>   ( I am bawling my eyes out right now, again.)  Tested my other 2 kits
> around same age (unrelated)--one pos, one neg.  OMG.  I am again worried
> for Mama, Kiwi, and my other 3 (adults) here.  This perfect world, such
> perfect angels, devastated.   All 3 teenagers not incl. Kiwi, had adoptions
> waiting, ironically.   I count my blessings my awesome Opossum is not
> sick.
> I hate this disease!
> **
> ~Kat~
> **"I'm Kat Parker.  I park cats."**   *
> *"Keep your kitties INSIDE, 24/7, 'cause an inside cat is a SAFE & HAPPY
> cat!"*

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