Hi Shanda, 

I had a positive cat with 3 unvaccinated cats for a year. Of course I had no 
idea he was positive. When he became symptomatic I had him and my other 3 
tested. The other 3 came back negative after being around him all that time. 
They slept together, shared food and water bowls and litter boxes. Of course I 
had them all vaccinated at that time. Point is is that you can keep her and 
just vac your other cats. (-:


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> Hi, I am new to this list.  
> I've just found out that a stray cat I've been looking after is FeLV+.  She 
> is an adorable, petite young female (1-2 years old) that I've named 
> "Munchkin" who is spayed, and otherwise healthy.  The most special thing 
> about her is that she LOVES other cats. She chases after them and tries to 
> play with them, and jumps up onto window ledges wherever she sees a cat 
> sitting in a window.  When I let her into my home, she ran straight to my 
> sleeping cat and snuggled in next to him.  I don't think she would be 
> immediately friendly to other people since it took her awhile to trust me, 
> but she now purrs and sleeps in my lap.
> She would make a wonderful companion for another FeLV+ cat.  I cannot keep 
> her because my cat is FeLV-negative and unvaccinated.
> I am lucky to have found a cat rescue to take her in on Monday, but she will 
> be confined separate from other cats, and this makes me sad for her.  Is 
> there anyone who wants her?  I'm in the Bay Area, California, and could drive 
> her to you.  Either before or after Monday (I'm sure I could get her back 
> from her new lodgings, but would rather not put her through more than one 
> move).
> Photo: 
> https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/X7B3nd6Gu9s200H2ZhwuVgm3R7luXUf2QgPNd57qIVM?feat=directlink
> She is very cute!
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