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Explains FeLV in plain english and answers many of your questions

 From: Shanda Robertson <>
Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2012 6:33 PM
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Anyone in or near California want a very sociable 
companion for their FeLV+ cat?
Thank you everyone for your replies. I had this set on digest so I
didn't see them.  I am just learning about FeLV, and I have heard
everything from a cat can catch it from walking across a surface a
positive cat touched days ago, to it being very difficult to transmit
even with direct contact.

My first concern is to protect my existing cat. 2 different vets
advised me against vaccinating him for FeLV because of sarcoma risk
(he is an indoor cat). I'm considering it anyway but haven't made a
decision. One vet told me that the PureVax non-adjuvanted vaccine was
no better in preventing sarcoma.

I'm considering getting my cat vaccinated anyway but haven't made a
decision.  Keeping them separated inside my small home is not
possible. Ideally I'd like to find somewhere for this stray kitty with
an enclosed outdoor area because she's apparently used to being an
indoor/outdoor cat.  I think she'd do ok indoors as long as she had
other cats for company.
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