Great link, Sharyl. It was very informative. Thanks for putting it out there(:

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> Shanda,
> You might want to read this link
> Explains FeLV in plain english and answers many of your questions
> Sharyl
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> companion for their FeLV+ cat?
> Thank you everyone for your replies. I had this set on digest so I
> didn't see them.  I am just learning about FeLV, and I have heard
> everything from a cat can catch it from walking across a surface a
> positive cat touched days ago, to it being very difficult to transmit
> even with direct contact.
> My first concern is to protect my existing cat. 2 different vets
> advised me against vaccinating him for FeLV because of sarcoma risk
> (he is an indoor cat). I'm considering it anyway but haven't made a
> decision. One vet told me that the PureVax non-adjuvanted vaccine was
> no better in preventing sarcoma.
> I'm considering getting my cat vaccinated anyway but haven't made a
> decision.  Keeping them separated inside my small home is not
> possible. Ideally I'd like to find somewhere for this stray kitty with
> an enclosed outdoor area because she's apparently used to being an
> indoor/outdoor cat.  I think she'd do ok indoors as long as she had
> other cats for company.
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