I'm sorry if I missed any latest info, but has the vet seen Ginger kitty
yet? Has he given any supportive treatment like at least some 
sub-q fluids?  
If you haven't fed a cat with a syringe, technique is important.  I always
gave the cat sitting on my lap or to my side, holding the head from under
the chin, slightly up (cat can be wrapped in a towel if difficult to hold),
inserting the syringe from the SIDE of the mouth (NOT front), squeezing in a
small amount and allowing the cat to swallow, and continue with tiny
amounts.  No sense squeezing in a lot if food only to have the cat spit it
out. The food has to be mushy enough to easily get through the tip of
syringe.  Here, we have Hill's Science Diet A=D, which is high caloric for
sick and recuperating cats.

Here's some info on syringe feeding:
Videos on syringe feeding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9ygsA93vQc ,

Eating litter can mean many things, usually because something is missing in
their diet, some kind of nutritional imbalance, which would be quite
understandable in a sick cat.
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My vet ordered Interferon and Cyproheptadine. The vet suspects leukemia is
already in  kitty's bone marrow. Ginger kitty refuses to eat his food but
tried to eat his cat litter last night. What should I do? Euthanasia? I
can't see my darling suffer like this! Marinda Sent via my BlackBerry from
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