I have just signed up for felv talk and truly appreciate finding this group!  
After fostering three kittens, our family decided to adopt them when we 
received the results that all three were positive for feline leukemia.  We kept 
all three and have one cat still with us who will turn five years old in May.  
I tell you this to let you know that I have been where you are with Ginger 
twice...in both situations, our kitties had severe anemia.  The first time, I 
know that I let our little one suffer too long due to my difficulty letting her 
go.  The second time, I knew when it was time to euthanize and was able to say 
a peaceful and gentle goodbye.  I listened closely when our vet presented the 
"options."  As Marcia said, it's a fine line to walk because you want to do all 
that you can do for your baby but you do not want to see him suffer.  I will 
keep you and Ginger in my good thoughts and am so sorry about the situation.

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I just have to be totally honest here so that you and Ginger don't go through 
what my little Fletch went through. I didn't make it to the vet on time. Fletch 
died in his crate while I was racing to get him there to stop his suffering. He 
died a horrible death, and I will never ever forget it. Now, none of us can see 
your kitty, or what kind of shape it is in, but please, don't wait to long. 
It's a hard decision because there IS hope for Felv cats. It's a fine line to 
walk. And I think it's very hard, anymore, to find a vet who will actually tell 
you to euthanize. My thoughts are with you. I'm so sorry you and Ginger have to 
go through this.


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> My vet ordered Interferon and Cyproheptadine. The vet suspects leukemia is 
> already in  kitty's bone marrow. Ginger kitty refuses to eat his food but 
> tried to eat his cat litter last night. What should I do? Euthanasia? I can't 
> see my darling suffer like this! Marinda 
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