.. I want to tell you what hapenned to us with our FeLV+ Jourdan. On Thurs vet 
though virus was in the bone marrow. Sat she was very poor but she was holding 
her own. By Mon one of her eyes looked very strange so I went to get things 
ready to get her to vet, drove her there, less than 10 mts. We got her out of 
carrier, set on table, when vet came in she reared her head up and stared at 
them. Both her eyes were completly white, looked like something out of a horror 
movie. Vet said the virus would have gotten in her brain and made her blind, 
she was in lots of pain so we helped her along. But did I wish I had done it 
I'm not saying same will happen to Ginger but we don't know. If virus is in the 
bone marrow it is very bad and she's really suffering. Whatever you do will be 
the best decision
Sending a big hug
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