Eating clumping litter that contains sodium bentonite can be lethal because it 
can solidify in the intestines, if inhaled, can cause lungs to fill, can also 
block urethras. If the instructions on litter say “do not flush down the 
toilet” because it will cause blockage, it contains sodium bentonite, and will 
do the same to a cat.  They are not required to say so on the package, why?  I 
don’t know.

Was that your question?



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What kind of litter?

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Eating litter is a classic sign of severe anemia. Most of my FeLV's died from 
anemia. At this point it's probably too late for interferon. That is a good 
preventative to boost the immune system, but it takes a while to start working. 

I euthanized all mine at the point they started eating litter, but that is a 
choice that only you can make.

My thought are with you & your baby. I know how hard it is to see them suffer.


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My vet ordered Interferon and Cyproheptadine. The vet suspects leukemia is 
already in  kitty's bone marrow. Ginger kitty refuses to eat his food but tried 
to eat his cat litter last night. What should I do? Euthanasia? I can't see my 
darling suffer like this! Marinda 
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