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YES, not good at all, especially for CRF patients, however, sometimes they 
won’t eat anything else, and something is better than nothing.  One of mine 
will not eat K-D canned food – so I mix it half/half with another food…better 
that, than losing weight and dying. Natalie


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There are some who believe dry food causes CRF, so you may want to research 
more on this.   Try the site and Googling for other folks.

On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 9:59 AM, Val Green <> wrote:

Thanks, Natalie and all who responded. I've got Manny on prescription K/D dry 
food, baby food meats and lots of water dishes all over the house. He's 
probably close to 15 years old and has had CRF for several years. He's put on 
some weight recently and I'm hopeful he'll be around a few more years. Lots of 
love from this sweet, black cat!




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