Are the pellets hard like Feline Pine?  I tried it an my guys did not like the 
pellets.  The went outside the box just to show their displeasure..  I am now 
using Worlds Best Litter which is ground corn and corn cobs.  It has the same 
texture as clay but is much lighter to carry, biodegradeable and I don't think 
as dusty as clay.  It is a bit pricey, at $13.95 a bag and with 7 cats, I go 
thru a lot of it except in nice weather when they get out for an hor or 2 a 
day.  Also, does it make a fairly hard clump?  I have Dee who feels it is 
necessary to cover after everyone else and she is obsessive about it.  By the 
time she comes out of the box, sometimes the clumps are broken up which makes 
it hard to sift out the used litter.  She will get so noisey scratching in the 
box she even wakes me up.  This sounds great, especially the price as the 50 
pound bag would equal 3 bags of Worlds Best.
---- Georgetta Brickey <> wrote: 
> Hi folks,
> I usually just read and learn here since I foster bottle baby kittens for a 
> local rescue and have only had one kitten confirmed positive for FeLV out of 
> hundreds fostered.
> I use pelleted chicken feed as litter for kittens learning to use the 
> litterbox.  At that age non-clumping clay litter should always be used since 
> kittens learning to use the litterbox sometimes "taste" the litter or play in 
> it, or get it stuck between their toes.  I learned about using chicken feed 
> instead a few years ago at the yahoo orphan kittens list group.
> You can buy it in 50 pound bags for around $16 per bag.  I use the "laying 
> hen pellets", but other people use the crumble which is more sandlike and 
> much much messier!  The pellets are the same size and shape as "yesterdays 
> news" litter, but the big advantage for me is that the litter clumps very 
> mildly - enough that I can scoop out pee clumps.  Since it is chicken feed, 
> if they eat it... no big deal.
> Hope this helps someone!
> Georgetta in Ventura

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