So sorry to hear about Kiss. Poor baby.
Are sure he had Hemobartonella? Doxy would have been the treament. I had a non 
FeLV cat who had it.
So sad.
Beth wrote:

>If you have any question about the antibotic and cannot get a reasonable 
>answer from him soon, I would go for a 2nd opinion.  Do yo have a 24 hour 
>emergency vet near you?  I can get to one i about 1 hour and they have a very 
>up to date set up with ultrasound and the works.  
>---- Amanda Vollaro <> wrote: 
>> I am sad to say that Kiss (FeLV + Blood parasite boy) did not make it. He 
>> hung on for three days and fought like the dickens but could not shake it. 
>> What I need to know is why my vet prescribed azithromyicin and clavamox for 
>> the parasite when doxycycline is the only proven treatment. I cannot get him 
>> on the phone as he is in surgery, and I have another cat who has stopped 
>> eating and is lethargic. I need her to get the appropriate treatment 
>> quickly, she is the mother of most of our brood and is very special to us. 
>> Thanks,
>> Amanda Vollaro
>> 516-350-0131
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