Stop the annual slaughter of bobcats in NY for the foreign fur market


As a NY taxpayer I am outraged and appalled to learn of the DEC plan to
increase the numbers and areas where bobcats can be hunted and killed. The
bobcat is an important member of our natural community and should not be
killed for sport or for their fur. The hunting and cruel slaughter of this
magnificent animal is objectionable to most animal lovers and NY residents
and endangers many other animals including household pets who get caught in
the cruel traps set by hunters.  This is the 21st century and there can be
no justification for this barbaric and inhumane treatment of our wildlife.

Zelda Penzel, President

People for the End of Animal Cruelty and Exploitation



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Bobcat Hunting and Trapping


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Stop 5 Year Plan to Expand Killing of Bobcats


This video may be hard to watch, but it was much harder on the bobcats who
have been silently suffering.  Direct link:



Scroll down past the transcript to send a letter now!

Transcript:  The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is
proposing a 5-year plan that would greatly EXPAND the hunting and trapping
of bobcats within the state.

The new plan would DOUBLE the annual number of bobcats that hunters and
trappers can kill and would also open up vast new areas of the state that
previously were off limits for hunting and trapping.

According to DEC, the proposed five-year plan will "provide sustainable use
and enjoyment of bobcat by the public." How can the killing of innocent
animals be deemed enjoyment?

Trappers and hunters kill more than 500 bobcats annually in New York alone.
And now they want to double that number to 1000! Prized as trophies, many
bobcats are stuffed by taxidermists and sold to collectors. But far more are
killed for their pelts, which sell for $50 to $200 each. And often these
pelts are exported outside of the U.S. and dyed to look like ocelot pelts in
order to make even more money for the trappers and hunters!

Dave Miller, the executive director of the New York State Trappers
Association, which has about 1,700 members, has been quoted as saying, "We
are pretty excited about this" proposed expansion of bobcat trapping.

We need YOU to let New York DEC know that you don't support the killing of
bobcats, and are appalled that they are considering this plan to expand such
a cruel, inhumane and unnecessary practice! Don't let bobcat trappers and
hunters be the only voices on this issue that DEC hears.please speak up and
be a voice for these cats!

Comments will be taken through Feb. 16 so please take action TODAY and make
your voice heard!

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