I've had friends whose cats have lost their sight during various routine 
procedures where they had to be anethistized.  Four of the six regained some 
sight in time.  
Try not to worry about bringing Dublin home.  Once he realizes he is home he 
will adjust very well - given time.  If you are afraid of the other cat's 
reactions, rub a little baby powder on everyone (Dublin included) when you 
bring him home so everyone smells pretty much alike.  There may be some tense 
moments for a bit, but even if he doesn't retain his sight, he should do just 
The following links will lead you two blind cat crime-fighter links for true 
stories of how amazingly well these "poor" animals can 

Good luck!T
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Subject: [Felvtalk] Dublin woke up from surgery blind
Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 11:32 AM

I am devastated -- my FeLV boy Dublin had major dental surgery yesterday to 
remove the rest of his teeth due to severe stomatitis and feline resorptive 
lesions (his third dental surgery in six months).  He came through OK it 
seemed, and his bloodwork turned out to be very promising (his mild anemia 
around December had reversed with his hematocrit in the middle of the normal 
range).  But something seemed off with agitation and his eyes and the vet 
realized that Dublin seems to be blind.  He did all the ocular tests they do 
and nothing physiologically can be found wrong -- no detached retina, no bleed, 
no evidence of hypoxia, etc.  But only his left eye is even minimally reactive 
to light.  The vet believes the blindness to be related to the FeLV, although 
I'm still totally confused about the suddenness of this all.

Dublin has always had something weird about his eyes -- the pupils stay mostly 
dilated and while they constrict a little it's definitely not like a normal 
cat.  I wondered if he had an eye problem and could see well even before I 
adopted him and learned he was FeLV+.  But he seemed to see fine.

While Dublin is physically stable he is apparently extremely agitated and the 
vet wants to keep him at the hospital until he settles down and begins to 
adapt.  He was with him until 10:30 last night and says that Dubbie has 
scarcely been out of a tech's arms since.  (He is the most loving, 
people-oriented cat, and is not stressed just from being at the vet -- it's 
almost a joke how much he likes it there.)  I am crazy with distress and also 
with anxiety about bringing him home (have another cat, pretty rowdy, and a 
dog), though everyone says blind cats can do well.

I'd appreciate any encouragement -- or in particular any insight into a 
FeLV-blindness link.


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