Anyone: do you have to repeat the Felv vac every year?

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> Hi Everyone
> I am new to this list and to the world of Feline Leukemia. We have 3
> precious cats, and we found out at the end of last year that two are FeLV
> positive, and of those two, one is FIP positive as well :(
> Details:
> Kitty1 (11 years old, male) is the reason we got any of them tested at
> all. He was just a little "off" - more subdued, less energy, a little on
> the skinny side. He tested positive for FeLV and FIP. Our vet put him on a
> round of cortisone and antibiotics, and he seemed to bounce back. He still
> isn't completely 100% though (although hard to pinpint actual behaviours,
> more just a general sense I have), and is still skinnier than I would like.
> Kitty2 (11 years old, male) also tested positive for FeLV (but not FIP).
> He currently has no noticeable symptoms at all, although he does vomit a
> lot. This has been going on for 5-6 years though, and he is long-haired, so
> I don't think it is related.
> Kitty3 (1 year old, male) tested negative for both viruses (and FIV). We
> had him vaccinated against FeLV when he tested negative, and he had the
> booster 4 weeks later. We will continue to give him the vaccination every
> year.
> If you got through all of this, thanks so much. Now my questions:
> Q1. I want to start Kitty1 on some form of treatment, just to build him
> up/keep him strong. I have the sense that all is not 100%, even although he
> is not noticeably unwell, is eating fine etc. I was thinking of asking our
> vet to start Interferon. Any thoughts here? Suggestions? Would something
> else be better? Would it be bad to start a treatment like this before he is
> noticeably sick? What is the recommended dosage here?
> Q2. Is there anything I should be doing for Kitty2. He seems fine, hasn't
> lost weight etc. He does throw up a lot, but has for the last 5-6 years.
> Q3. We have decided to keep Kitty3 instead of rehoming him, after a lot of
> thought. He has had 3 homes in the last year (a shelter rescue who was then
> neglected by the person who adopted him... grrrr...), and he is so settled
> with us, that I worry about trying to find him yet another home. I think he
> must have been exposed by now in any case (the older boys would groom him
> on the face when he was little), so my prayer is that he has immunity. Am I
> being naive here? Should we find him another home?
> Q4. Any tips, advice, suggestions on what I can do to prolong our boys'
> lives with a reasonable quality?
> Thanks so much in advance. And sorry for the long message.
> Vicky
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