Thank you so much Natalie(-:  it's beautiful!

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> For everyone who has lost a precious feline! Natalie
> “I Am Always With Her”
> And God Asked the Feline Spirit,
> Are you Ready to Come Home?
> Oh Yes, Quite So, Replied the Precious Soul,
> “And As a Cat, You Know I Am Most Able To
> Decide Anything For Myself…Are You Coming Then? Asked God.
> Soon, Replied the Whiskered Angel, For You See, I Must Come Slowly,
> For My Human Friend is Troubled and Sad and She Needs Me Quite Certainly…
> Doesn’t She Understand, Asked God, “That You Will Never Leave Her”
> That Your Souls Are Intertwined For All Eternity…
> That Nothing Is Created or Destroyed!
> It Just Is…Forever and Ever…
> Eventually She Will Understand, Replied the Glorious Cat
> For I Will Whisper Into Her Heart That I Am Always With Her!
> “I Just Am, Forever and Ever”
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