Hi everyone.  I am an infrequent poster, except maybe for giving some CRF info, 
but I read every post.  My cat Oliver, a 6 year old Siamese, was diagnosed with 
the leukemia virus back in December.  My Siamese mix, Daisy (4), got really 
sick suddenly and after two blood transfusions and a lot of meds, she was 
helped ahead.  What an awful experience. Cut to: all of my other cats, 
including some fosters, were tested and vaccinated.  Oliver was the only one 
out of five cats who came back with positive results after both tests. 

He has been doing great since then. He is on Pet-Tinic and Omega 3 treats. I 
tried the Omega 3 oil and he didn't go for it.

Today, I noticed that he has a weepy eye and we went straight to the vet's 
office, it turns out he has an eye infection and is on triple antibiotic 
ointment.  We go back for a check up on Saturday.

I am a bit nervous as I know that he has a compromised immune system and I want 
to make sure that he stays comfortable for a long time. 

And I am working some long hours so I am not around as much as I would like to 
be to monitor him.

Any words of wisdom are very welcomed.

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