On a different subject thought I might share this 
Re taking cats to vets:
I often forget this in the stress of trying to help a sick animal
 but if you put an  t shirt or towel you wore in the carrier with your scent , 
seems to calm them. Ask vet staff to put it in their kennels if they are being 
from the carrier they came in..
Re getting a cat to eat:
I recently had three older cats that were sick and were being treated with 
and wouldn't eat. One had upper respiratory congestion. One urinary infection.
One reason unknown. They were on antibiotics but still wouldn't eat.
Sometimes antibiotics upset stomach.
Searched the internet and found a suggestion to put a dab of honey in
their mouth. Don't know if coincidence or the antibiotics kicking in
 but it seemed to help them maybe soothed
sore throat or stomach. I only put a dime sized drop on outer lips once or 
twice . I am not a vet so
if you are thinking of trying this,. 
Check with your vet first, as i did to make sure no harm given your cat's 
specific condition..
one of the sites mentioning honey is 
has anyone else had experience with this home remedy?
Cat with upper respiratory infection:
I also put my cat in the bathroom when i took a steaming shower. I think 
it really helped.
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