why be difficult when with a little extra effort you can be impossible.
took Yahmuna to vet yesterday with intent to get vaccinated.  she had been 
sneezing during week. gums were inflamed as before.  no drooling.  she sounded 
wet.  no discharge from eyes or nose. vet noted no temperature.  vet listened 
to lungs.  I pointed out her teeth.  he said she needed to go on antibiotics - 
- her lungs - - her teeth - - could go into pneumonia.  I reminded him that two 
weeks ago he said no antibiotics - - only treat when symptomatic.  I said I 
wanted to wait.  he said why would I wait?  I said antibiotics have not 
generally been helpful for her.  I came home with doxycyline which 30 hours 
later I have not started.  
in fairness to him.  was hint of greenish mucus at nostrils this morning.  a 
tissue applied only came away wet.  she sneezed and there was greenish mucus 
which landed on the sink.  last night her breathing sounded somewhat 
high-pitched.  not today.
I did not say I was not going to do anything.  have been giving more vitamin C. 
started the PetzLife oral gel.  continuing chicken broth and humidity of shower 
and humdifier.  did a 20 minutes of car therapy (carrier in car - - curved car 
windows capture heat).  I have almost drowned on drive to airport from my own 
sinus drainage.   
your comments?  thank you.


Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 05:39:30 -0800

I had a cat like that - Sounded like upper resp because of scar tissue. She had 
been a street cat for many many years & vet said it was due to not being 
treated for URI's. They said they could do surgery & clear out the scar tissue, 
but it might come back, so I opted not to do it. She always sounded like she 
had a URI, but she didn't.


From: czadna sacarawicz czadnasacaraw...@hotmail.com
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 5:47 PM

re:  Yahmuna:  FIV + I first wrote you about Jan. 2010. She came to my NC patio 
on Thanksgiving with goopy eyes very, very unwell.  Went into rescue in 7.2011. 
 they finally had her on every 3 days oral azithromycin and azythromycin nasal 
drops.  She had chronic respiratory issues there.  air quality seemed good.  I 
took her to vet this past Saturday when I brought her home forever.  Vet's 
thinking was so much scar tissue/inflammation that she will always be loud 
breather.  He said to discontinue treatment and treat her when she becomes 
no carpet. Her breathing is loud;  This morning there was a wee bit of clear 
moisture draining from one eye.  I have humidifier going continually/ she comes 
for showers.  is sequestered in same bedroom where she was from 11.2010 - 
7.2011.    THANK YOU!!!   cz.   

Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 06:44:18 -0800

Chronic upper respiratory or chronic allergies? My FIV cat got bad congestion 
every 6 months when the weather changed & I started the furnace or air 
conditioning. He was vaccinated for FeLV & lived fine mixing with my FeLV cats 
for 10 years. He was vaccinated for FeLV every 6 months when there were FeLV's 
in the house & he never got the FeLV. If it is actually upper respiratory with 
a fever, etc, then you don't vaccinate for anything,

If you are worried about  about fighting & transferring the FIV, you can have 
the FIV cat's canines filed down to prevent deep bite wounds & minimize chance 
of passing the FIV.



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