I don't know the full story of the woman in CT, so I can't comment on that, but 
I've seen people who are heads of rescue organizations who are hoarders. Just 
because someone has a title does not mean they are OK.

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It’s very sad and unfortunate when someone with really good intentions allows 
things to go so wrong, doesn’t ask for help.  But, to be fair, maybe help that 
was asked for but never materialized….I know how people can be. This also gives 
other groups a bad name.
I have MANY cats, but if donations don’t come in, we happen to be lucky to be 
able to  subsidize until things get better. I could never allow any cat to get 
that sick, especially with simple and very avoidable things. We house the cats 
in our home, and people who visit would never be able to guess how many there 
are, and that we have so many (they guess a tiny fraction) – and that requires 
a tremendous amount of work. I don’t want anyone to leave here and spread 
rumors about a dirty, smelly house…. 
 I have also known about very “hasty” conclusions drawn by people who have no 
idea what it’s like to care for many cats, especially multiple number of sick 
ones with very special needs.
In upper CT, several years ago, a woman housed the shelter in her home, was 
president of a cat rescue organization, was raided one morning, before she was 
even out of bed.  They broke the glass on the door to open it from the inside, 
barged in, confiscated all the cats, charged her with trumped up things like 
this (remember, this is about 7 AM): dirty litter boxes, no food for the cats, 
sick cats with various illnesses (ear mites, CRF, no teeth, as if that’s an 
illness etc), practicing medicine without a license (she had meds for the cats 
and treating them), and the list went on like that.  She wasn’t even allowed to 
tell them which meds were for which cats, and which cats were the sick ones - 
they were going to have their vets determine that!   During this round-up, the 
poor cats were petrified, flew around like ferals, which they were NOT)… She 
was not even allowed to visit them (including her personal cats) that were put 
up at various places
 around the area, and by the time of the court date, she owed the state over 
$130,000 in boarding and vet fees. She wasn’t able to pay that.  Many cats died 
during that time, were separated from their buddies in separate cages, never 
knew freedom….they were held as evidence. This all happened because a 
disgruntled volunteer reported her to state canine and USDA. 
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Caboodle was one of my FB friends..I thought/read someplace there was help at 
CR. No way one person can cope with that many..many times hoarders do fool the 
authorities and the public, I've seen it hapen..lets face it; we, even if all 
we do is take care of the animals, have more complicated lives than a pet. So 
at any time something can go wrong, financially, personally, healthwise..and 
that is other people should take charge.
Having the land and best intentions is a great start but much more is needed.
I do rescue, have a license and am now starting the paperwork to be non-profit, 
all this while I learnt that is what has to come first, then one can start 
looking for volunteers and plan ahead, ie ten years from now. I know CR was 
nonprof so what happened to the Board and volunteers he should have had to get 
that status?
I'm very sorry for the cats that paid_and the people that entrusted their lives 
to the sanctuary_for that mistake.
Another cautionary tale though unfortunatly very well based on reality.

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