I have been posting here about a positive kitten I found but now need
help with my 13 year old cat.  In summary, can anyone direct me to
a website discussion group on topic realted to fluid in lungs to help
me  Details are:I took her to the vet today b/c she
had a discharge from her eye & wasn't eating too much. Since I
had just had two other cats treated for upper respiratory infection
I thought she had it now. The vet said no fever, heart sounded ok
 and since bloodworkwas done 11 months ago I agreed to bloodwork.
She suggested chest x ray but didn't indicate reason other than
part of complete workup.  When they went to draw blood she stopped
and said my cat was turning blue. So she said instead first do an x ray.
x ray showed fluid in lungs with only small portion clear. She said 
could be cancer, fip, heart problems but needed more diagnostics.
She does not have ultrasound so after a try to get sample with
needle stopped to not distress cat. She suggested euthanizing cat
right there.Since I had not noticed panting or heavy breathing, other
than what i thought was cold related last day(no panting) just
congestion, I could not bring myself to put her to sleep. Cat had
recovered and was not blue.So she
gave her a shot of lasix & antiobiotics. When I got my cat home
she ate, drink and has urinated twice in last 3 hours. She doesn't seem 
in distress no panting but vet said she is breathing from stomach.I need
guidance about symptoms and treatment/diagnosis course i should now
take. And whether lasix alone will remove fluid.
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