On 02-28, Lynda Wilson wrote:

>    Any  update? I'm thinking of your kitty and hope everything is
>    better. Please let us know, thanks!

I hope we hear from this person.  When we don't hear how the cat is
doing we imagine the worst.........such as the cat was not taken to
the vet and just died  :-(

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>    Subject: [Felvtalk] Is my kitten having his first FIV/FELV episode?
>    Hi  -  I'm  new  and  have  been  reading the threads but I don't seen
>    anything  that  addresses  my  situation. We have an 8 month old kitty
>    that  tested positive for FIV (or was it FELV?) at a young age, and we
>    plan to get him retested. He has been healthy, playful and had a great
>    appetite. A few weeks ago, however, he started eating less and less of
>    his  kibble,  which  we attributed to him wanting only the wet food we
>    were giving to the dog. So we kept mixing a little into his kibble but
>    he  was eating less but was otherwise fine. Then we went away over the
>    weekend  and  came  back to find him very lethargic and breathing very
>    heavy  -  not making a lot of noise with the breathing, but we can see
>    his lungs expanding and contracting a great deal and very quickly.  He
>    won't  eat, except he ate some of his favorite treats.  We had someone
>    (who  he  doesn't  know) staying at our house Friday and then a person
>    (who he knows) stopping in on Saturday and Sunday. They said he didn't
>    eat  much.  No  mucous,  no  sneezing.   Sound  like anything you have
>    experienced?

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