<<Amen, I agree 100%. It's time for the dumpers, who are virtually invisible, 
to start paying the piperwho are virtually invisible, to start paying the 
Amen two..there should be a way to catch them, and if possible then once that 
dumping is stopped lets see how many true hoarders_and there are_ remain.
Justice would be served that way. But it is not possible, somebody should 
invent a device to catch them..or something. We can just preach for now **don't 
dump, you are not only putting your pet(or your foundling)life in jeopardy but 
are hurting the good person behind that fence. Right now you are a peoples 
abuser even if you don't realize it and if you don't now you do. People will go 
to jail and have their lives ruined b/c of your actions and the cat/dog you 
left might even die.**
Lets grab the dumper's conscience and hardwire with that statement so they can 
hear it the rest of their lives..ppl walk away satisfied now the fur they left 
will be taken care of and they found a good solution to their problem, lets 
change that playback(and some of this people won't take the animal to a Humane 
Society because "it'll be put down"..Yes it can happen, but know the outcome 
from your dumping is not very different plus there's a persons reputation and 
all the animals she tried so hard so to save at stake now too..deal with 
it!!(I've seen that and it males so angry)

It's time for the dumpers, who are virtually invisible, to start paying the 
piper. And the people who TRULY have good intentions to stop being persecuted.
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