I lost another one today - I am totally drained. Preston, who was blind and
declawed, found abandoned in September in a rural area in CT, has been with
us all this time, looking for a home. He finally had a home to go to
tomorrow.  I had been treating him for CRF and while I was giving him fluids
last night, I noticed that he breathed in an odd way.I thought that I heard
a sort-of rattling in his lungs when I carried him.  He always purred and
made cookies (happy feet) on his beloved fleece blanket.I decided to get him
checked out one more time before he was to leave tomorrow.  X-rays were
taken - huge mass in his lungs, fluids drained were yellow and red, and he
started fading fast.  We rushed back to the hospital, and held him while he
was euthanized..Natalie


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rocking with you and your beloveds.
thank you for being here with us.  what a family we have  - - here and
beyond.    thank you for your faithfull-ness
purrs & rubs


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So sorry about S'Matter.

I lost a cat yesterday, had to have Quigley euthanized. NOT from  FeLV, but
to a very severe kidney infection - he was over 16 yrs old, grey with the
most amazing emerald green eyes (left on our doorstep in a carrier years



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I am sorry for your loss :(



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This morning we lost sweet scared S'Matter....he was quite the scaredy
cat,but we did our best to calm his fears...he never really trusted us
totally,but when I handed out treats I spotted him out of his hiding spot in
the last couple months....took pics to prove to others that he was a little
braver....well I hope this wide eyed boy is calm and relaxed now....we will
miss you S'Matter  :(



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