No problem here expt that I am trying to limit dry food because Homey has 
crystal problems that keep popping up and there is some evidence that dry could 
be oe of the culprits.  When we had the last scare about cat/dog food, I 
switched to Blue Buffalo because of tha problem and because Casey had a problem 
with th corn, soy, wheat in most cmmercial foods.  Since I switched and added 
more "natural" canned foods to our diet, no more problems.

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> Yes I had heard about problems with canned dog food but was wondering if 
> anyone personally had had issues with the dry cat food lately.

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There have been an alerts out about Costco pet food recalls. 
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Does anyone feed Kirkland food? Sold at Costco? 
I have a friend who feeds it to her cats & all of a sudden 4 of her cats 
started losing weight. She switched foods & now they are OK.
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As pets have become more important to their owners, what the pets are fed has 
become more important as well. Most pet owners are concerned about the quality 
and nutrition level of the food they are feeding their furry family members. 
There are now hundreds of pet foods available to the consumer. How do you know 
what to believe regarding pet food claims?...
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