Kitty with Jaundice

The vet said there was no hope for my Domino years ago.  He was jaundiced and 
eyes were completely yellow.  Sharyl and others sent me to the Feline Assisted 
Feeding group.   Domino tests positive for FIV but is not
FelV.   I bought the large feeding syringes and fed him all day and gave 
fluids.  I thinned Wellness kitten food with water to fill the syringe.
He recovered completely in a short time.  

I don't understand how to read this group's emails or post.  I try to go where 
the posts are and can't  find the archives where they are listed individually.  
 I get the digest which means receiving the same portions of previous emails 
over and over.   Is there a place where I can read them as you would on a yahoo 
group? Is there some place with instructions?   I am guessing there was when I 
joined but I can't find it now.  


Pam Bell
Bayonne, NJ

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