Last week, someone wrote about feeding their cat only dry food; I thought
this might be interesting.  Cats need wet/canned food, and can eat dry food
in addition.  If cats eat only dry food, they must drink a lot of water,
and, unfortunately, many do NOT! 

Natalie =^..^=


Dry cat foods are like kitty crack

by Tracie Hotchner, author of The Cat Bible



This is what I call any and all dry cat foods because they are sprayed with
an addictive substance - what the pet food industry calls the "proprietary
substance" (also known as the "secret sauce") since a cat will not naturally
eat either form or substance of dry food or kibble. 

Carbohydrates are not natural to the cat's digestive system in anything but
the smallest amounts - for example, the undigested grain and plant matter
that would be in the stomachs of rodents or birds a cat would feed on if she
was fending for herself in nature. In order to get a meat-eating animal to
accept hard nuggets of processed cereal grains it has to be sprayed with a
substance they will be drawn to and then become "hooked" on. Pet food
companies spend millions testing their foods and developing their own
closely guarded "secret sauces."

Radio show host and pet expert Tracie Hotchner is the author of The Dog
Bible and The Cat Bible. Click here
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