I guess our shelter uses if for a lot of sick cats. The cat I happened to ask 
about had stomatits, & it seems to be helping. Seems to be helping with other 
cats that have other issues, too.
Just wondered if anyone had heard of it.used it. Didn't want to start another 
thread on stomatitis.


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Natalie and Beth,

Did either of you try my holistic stomatitis protocol?   It worked on both my 
cats, and the dental tech called it a miracle.

Also, digestive enzymes and unspiced cooked pumpkin is what cured my long-term 
diarrhea kits.

Hope this helps.

On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 3:24 PM, Natalie <at...@optonline.net> wrote:

I have never heard of it…it seems to be for intestinal problems. So stomatitis 
is suspected to start in the intestine…could make sense. What’s the dosage?  
Hey, I’m willing to try anything for our FIV+ cat with stomatitis – he gets an 
injection of steroids every 3 months and in-between, gets some holistic drops – 
it maintains him.
>I was going to order some Seacure for the cats that have chronic diarrhea and 
>as a supplement for all of them.
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>Has anyone used Bio-Sponge? I know an older cat with bad Stomatitis who is on 
>it & seems so really be helping.
>It's supposed to help absorb toxins & viruses.
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