Apparently Lowes is blocking our e-mails to

   I got this number from Google. (888) 430-4999  Universal Orlando
   Resorts. This number had a comment next to it about the awful
   plight of the feral cats there.

Lowes Hotels claims to be pet friendly, but they are trapping and
killing all the cats who have been N/S and vaccinated and have called
this place home for many years!
Tell Loews to stop the cruelty to cats. The Loews Royal Pacific,
Loews Portofino, and Hard Rock Hotels at Universal Orlando Resorts
in Orlando, Florida made the cruel decision to start trapping and
removing the cats who've called their property home for years. It
gets even worse. Some of these cats are being left unattended inside
their traps for hoursin the 89-degree heat. The cats are hungry, and 
have not been fed for over a week. Loews has forbidden anyone from
feeding them. and employees have been threatened with losing their
jobs if they don't comply. Loews must stop the trapping. So far they
have ignored us. Only a massive public outcry can stop them before
more cats are harmed. Please stand with Alley Cat Allies right away
and demand that Loews stop this inhumane treatment now.

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