I've had several FelV positive kittens who have been exactly like
this......Less playful than others their age, and finally wobbly
in the back legs then complete loss of the use of the back legs.


On 04-28, molvey...@hotmail.com wrote:
>    I  have  a  FeLV kitten that I'm fostering.  She's six or seven months
>    old.   She's the one I emailed about a couple months ago with uveitis.
>     The  uveitis  never  has completely cleared up.  But now I'm not sure
>    what's  going  on.   Her  back  legs are kind of wobbly.  It's not bad
>    enough  that  my husband has noticed yet, but I can see it.  It's like
>    she's  slightly drunk.  She's walking okay with the front legs but her
>    back  legs  give  way a little or something when she's walking.  She's
>    eating  and going to the bathroom.  She doesn't run around and play as
>    much  as  the  other cats do, but never really has.  She's just a real
>    mellow and loving kitten and I just thought that must be why she's not
>    as  playful.   I'm not sure though.  She's not growing a lot too.  The
>    other kitten her age, not related, has grown much faster than she has.
>    So  any  ideas?  Why do you guys think she's started getting wobbly in
>    the back legs.  She can still jump on things but not as sure-footed as
>    the  others.  I don't know if her muscles are getting weak or if she's
>    anemic or what.  A couple months ago her bloodwork at the vet's office
>    was  okay.   I  assume this is FeLV related but before I go to the vet
>    I'd like to be prepared and have some ideas of what's going on.
>    Maureen

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