I just want to say that I am sorry that you and Sylvia are going through 
this)-: she may still pull through, as it sounds like she has the will to 
fight. Has your vet tried azithromycin? It seems to fight uri pretty well. I 
always use b complex too, it encourages eating and drinking.
Well take care of yourself and Sylvia. It sounds like you are doing everything 
possible and you are a wonderful cat mommy(-:


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On Apr 28, 2012, at 1:16 PM, Anna Waltman <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Thanks to everyone who responded last week. Your advice means a lot to me, as 
> do your kind words of support. Most of my friends here are not pet owners, so 
> hearing from folks who have been through the same thing makes me feel way 
> less alone. So again, thank you.
> At our last vet appointment, Sylvia's hematocrit was up to 31 from 28, which 
> may be a good sign re: the anemia. I've switched the cats to EVO Herring and 
> Salmon because that's the smelliest and seems to be Sylvia's favorite (she 
> prefers it to A/D soft food). Her fever, unfortunately, has not responded to 
> antibiotics. She's had a shot of Convenia, and I'm giving her antibiotics at 
> home, too; we started with zeniquin, but it didn't seem to help, so the vet 
> switched us onto doxycycline. She's eating enough on her own that the vet 
> doesn't think we need to worry about assisted feeding or tube feeding, but 
> she does have me giving subcutaneous fluids at home daily as long as Sylvia's 
> fever is over 103 (she's been steady at 104 for over a week). We do have some 
> new symptoms, too: her nose is extremely runny/stuffy, she's sneezing a lot 
> and sniffling, and her eyes look very watery. The discharge is clear. Because 
> she's not responding to antibiotics, the vet started her on steroids 
> (prednisolone) today. She suspects that Sylvia has either an immune-mediated 
> anemia or potentially FLV-related cancer, and thinks the steroids might help. 
> I am under strict instructions to continue giving subcutaenous fluids and 
> antibiotics along with the prednisolone.
> Sylvia seems to be feeling better than she was when I originally posted. 
> She's not hiding under the bed, but has been sleeping out in the open on the 
> couch and occasionally getting up to watch birds out the window on the 
> armchair or hang out on the floor for a bit. She purred a little last night 
> and seems quite happy to get attention/cuddles. She's still interested in 
> treats, too. I'm trying to encourage her to eat as much as I can, and the vet 
> says the steroids should help with that.
> Anything I need to look out for with the steroids? Have any of you had 
> treatment go this route? I'm not at all clear on what the prognosis is for 
> Sylvia right now, though I'd assume that if we're dealing with cancer that 
> the steroids aren't a permanent fix. Any information you have that can help 
> me figure out what to expect would be immensely helpful.
> Many thanks, and lots of luck to all of you and yours.
> Best,
> Anna, Sylvia, and Beatrice
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