Yeah, got some updates but I'm too tired to explain.  I'll write back in the 
morning.  It does look like it's the dry form of FIP.  Getting an experimental 
drug to try.  Anyway, more later.  Thanks for asking.

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How is she today? Any updates?

Best wishes!
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> My Shadow was not FELv, he had a blood clot on his spine.  I let him out > 
> one morning and when i wnet to check on all of my cats, he could not get > 
> up.  He had been on the deck and the sun got hot, so he had drug himself > 
> into the shade.  When I tried to pick him up, he screamed.  We took him to > 
> Missouri Universtiy Vet hosp about 3 hours away.  They did and MRI and all > 
> kinds of tests.  We finally let him go because he was so old and would not > 
> have been able to make it thru surgery.
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>> I've had several FelV positive kittens who have been exactly like
>> this......Less playful than others their age, and finally wobbly
>> in the back legs then complete loss of the use of the back legs.
>> Lorrie
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