I responded to this last night, but forgot to erase all the mail attached
and it was not deliverable - too large.

The clot was more likely in the artery that branches to each hind leg, makes
them unable to move them.
I've had many cats with this condition, always happened at night, weekend,
when my vet wasn't available.  Each time, the cat was euthanized at an
emergency clinic - some screamed in pain, others didn't.
The last one was found in one of our large cat condos for feral/semi feral
cats a few years ago in the morning, not able to move. Corgi was feral cat
and I had to throw a towel over him to catch him - he pulled himself around
by front legs.
My vet dissolved his clot, after being confined in a small area for
recuperation about a month, I was able to introduce him to a sweet group of
cats - now he is the most lovable, affectionate cat, all cats adore him.  He
has a slight limp on one hind leg, but that's all.

Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] What could it be?
My Shadow was not FELv, he had a blood clot on his spine. 

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