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When a cat is so skinny, you have to really pick up the skin into a tent and
put the needle straight down, or else it can come out the other side - sure
happened to me often enough with a very old, very thin cat.  Yes, I would
try the smallest possible, if the cat is patient enough to sit there.  Maybe
you could divide up the dosage into two instead of one large one?

BTW, my vet told me to use the side just above the hip, where there's a lot
of skin and fewer nerves, less pain..lumps are less likely to form there
than on the top of the shoulder, or try down either side of the shoulder,
about an inch down.

I've been doing it so much, I can do it blindfolded by now, and have never
stabbed myself, either.

Hope kitty feels better - the fluids really make a big difference in the way
they feel.

BTW - some of the vets use not only the 18, but it's twice as long.horrible
just to look at, that's why it's important to make sure to get the 1"

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No, she's not tiny but she's lost weight and barely weighs 4 lbs.  She's
just so fragile.  But that big 18 gauge needle would hurt me so I know it
hurts her.  

I don't know how much to give her.  When my vet tech friend did it Saturday
she stopped after the lump started getting big and bothering the kitty.  It
wasn't 100 ml.  I think we talked about doing half that but when my girl got
to really fidgeting we just stopped.

I might try the 20 gauge.  They're so cheap maybe I should get one size
smaller too just to try it.


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