Well.. I don't think there is a definitive answer to your question(not just 
yours most of us came accross it at some point)..basically if negative cats 
don't come into contact with positives they won't get infected. Also infection 
results from long time exposure, ie if a negative licks a postive dish once in 
a blue moon he won't get infected, however if he does clean the + plate every 
day, he could.
If a positive grooms a negative once the negative won't get it but if he does 
it everyday or several times a day he could, same as for sharing beds, 
litterboxes, etc.
 I recently read on internet that infection thru aerosol/ airborne virus is 
rare in cats but common in dogs..mmmm, I don't know abt it. While the virus 
live for a few hrs out of the host if a - cat happens to absorb a + sneeze 
right after the + sneezed he could be infected.
I've two FeLV+ one lives in a room by himself though during the day I put him 
in a LG crate in the garage for a change, he loves it.
The other one is in a crate in another room(reason for crate is that it is the 
basement and other cats are around, however he doesn't sneeze so I'm not 
concerned somebody that just happens to pass by could get a droplet or two., 
The first one does have a chronic sinus infection so he sneezes quite a bit.
I keep a litter in another room, young and senior are most vulnerable to 
All the cats except the new litter are vaccinated.


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Subject: [Felvtalk] Mixing FeLV Positve & FeLV Negative Vaccinated Cats

Is mixing like this recommended?  In my brood I have a 15-year old tiny girl
who tested positive for FeLV, a 12-year old blind boy and 10-year old girl
who have not been tested, and a 2-year old girl and 6-month old girl who
both tested negative and are vaccinated.  I recently lost my beautiful
2-year old blond boy to FeLV in January and have since been trying to learn
as much as possible about it.  The older cats do not really interact with
the younger ones.  I know it's too late now if I can't mix them and I'm
taking my chances but I'd really like to know if it can be done.  Thank you
in advance for all your help.

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